The week begins with R and R. We'll pick you
up at the Marseille airport and deliver you to
your apartment. We'll help you get settled and
afterwards gather for an aperitif—a delightful way
to end the day and embrace the evening.

Sunday we’ll treat you to a tour of Aix and the
Luberon Valley made famous by Peter Mayle’s
A Year in Provence.  We'll end the tour by dining together “au restaurant”. The rest of the evening is yours. Rest well because training starts on Monday!


Special Training

One of your days will be spent in an all-day class of your choice. Your options may include activities such as painting, cooking, or wine tasting. These classes will be first come, first served and will depend on availability at the time.


Pre-Camp Preparation

In the weeks before your trip, we will send you French language information to practice, as well as packing instructions, traveling wardrobe tips—as in how not to look like a tourist, and solo travel safety tips.


Earning Your Wings

We believe by giving you knowledge and in the field training, you will leave with the confidence to travel solo safely and joyfully. Our motto is, “we won’t hold your hand but we’ve got your back”. We expect you to enjoy your daily solo maneuvers on your own or with people you’ve met outside the group. We will give you a local cell phone so you can contact us in case you need our support. You will soon find that a well-prepared woman traveling alone is really never alone.



MORNING:  Every day starts with gathering for C-rations (coffee, croissants and conversation) at a cafe, on the square, or in one of your apartments if you should choose to host. We will discuss solo traveling, the day to come, your solo assignment,and what you need to know in order to complete your assignment.

AFTERNOON:  We'll start out with the basics-like ‘How to eat lunch alone….and enjoy it!’. Then, each day, we'll introduce new insights and  tactics in areas like “clothes shopping or market shopping”—how are sizes different, local shopping etiquette, who you can and can't bargain with. Then your shopping assignmet; perhaps you will be ordered to buy some beautiful, French lingerie, a slightly shorter or slimmer skirt than you're accustomed to, or perhaps a new scarf (no Frenchwoman is without one). On another day, we will concentrate on the ins and outs of using public transportation finishing with your homeowork assignment which will be to take public transportation to an outlying village to explore. Whatever your maneuvers are for the day, you'll be prepared to handle it.

EVENINGS:  We will meet several times during the week for a “working apero”.  Be
warned these evenings might be exhausting. We will sip wine and munch on local olives and other delights while having a French lesson from a local, instructing us on how to get the accent just right. Or, a soirée with a French woman helping us to decipher that special something the French women seem to have. We will invite a local guest to the dinner we’ve prepared together to teach us French manners and what is expected at a dinner party or perhaps even on a date. Date? Not a required maneuver, though if you are so inclined—you’ll be prepared.


Why solo in France?

No other country loves women more than France. Femininity rules here. It’s in the cuisine, the wine, stylish fashions and, of course, the romance of France.