Learn from Veterans.

Both your trainers, Delana and Marcia, left the U.S. for France years ago after getting hooked on this woman-loving country. When we met in Aix, we swapped stories and decided to share our solo skills with you savvy women.  We’ll have fun putting you on the path to earning your wings!


Delana Nelsen

In 2009, I swallowed the fear of the unknown that often comes with age and a certain comfort level and came to Aix en Provence to take a year between jobs and learn French. Divorced, with two boys both well on their way to adulthood and out of the house, I knew it was now or never. So I sold my belongings and began my adventure. The process was difficult and scary, yet invigorating and transforming. After several months here I realized that France had seduced me and this was where I wanted to stay. Women are continually telling me that they are living vicariously through me. I am so excited to offer Travel Solo Bootcamp as a way for you to learn to not live vicariously…but actually LIVE your dreams of travel. Come fly with us!

Marcia Mitchell

In my fifties I had a business that allowed me to travel. I had fallen for France. When my son went off to college, I sold my house and arrived in Provence with an artist and a plan to stay for one year which stretched to 10. We ran workshops, cooked for tourists, painted and wrote books. The artist went back, and one summer I decided it was time for me to explore this country that I love. I had a whole month to travel, little money and a big Greyhound dog. That spells camping.  I spread out the map and drew a circuit that followed the Loire River to the Atlantic coast, returning through the luscious Dordogne. I camped along the rivers. When not in my tent,I stayed in a trailer, in country gîtes and a city hotel. I met interesting travelers from around the world, heard different accents, enjoyed local cuisine, and soaked up the history of each place I visited. Most importantly, I discovered that France will take care of a woman on her own. And she will take care of you if you are willing to take the first step. Our Travel Solo Bootcamp will arm you with what you need to travel.

Why solo in France?

No other country loves women more than France. Femininity rules here. It’s in the cuisine, the wine, stylish fashions and, of course, the romance of France.